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We would like to take a moment to thank you for supporting your child in their quest to improve themselves through Martial Arts training.

The benefits gained are many, but the most important benefits are self-respect and confidence. Confidence is the key to unlocking your child's potential.

Skill and ability are important but in order to accomplish anything, a person must have the confidence to act decisively and put those skills and abilities to use.

Our Children's Program at the United Martial Arts Center will teach your child about the principles of Martial Arts and our program incorporates Life Skills training, so your child will learn how to practice martial arts mentally and all of the time.

Our Family Martial Arts Program is designed to encourage all family members to attend classes. 

When 2 family members enroll in our martial arts training program, all members of the immediate family are allowed to train at no additional cost. 

We know family's are very busy and our family class schedule is very flexible - the classes are all ages starting at age 3 - yes our program is so structured a 3 year old child can do it. 

The benefits your child will gain by training in Martial Arts:

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improved focus and concentration.
  • Helps children that are shy to develop social skills.
  • Teaches determination that can be applied to school  work.
  • Helps develop personal self control.
  • Learn self-defense with responsibility.

You will witness first hand the transformation our program can bring to your child in just a few short weeks.

Contact us at (978) 762-0454 and let us know when you would like to come in to view the school and have your child try a complimentary lesson.